Chairman Message

Mr. Sudhir S. Sable

With total world population of 650 million, persons with disabilities constitute the largest majority. As per united nation report 10 percent of population in underdeveloped countries is facing disabilities of one or the other type. If we include family members, advocates and all those affected by the problem of disabilities this is a high as 25 percent of population. Moreover this number is constantly increasing through population growth, medical advances and aging process. As we know education is not a privilege, but the basic right of mankind and it has a major role in every individual’s life including persons with disabilities. The available programmes due to various micro and macro factors are not effectively reached and or dispersed across the country for persons with disabilities.

Apart from Disability sector institute provides Health & Medical services to Rural & Urban population to overcome the diseases by providing treatment & surgical correction.

Therefore, Ayodhya Charitable Trust is a medium for providing health – Medical services, Social services, Special Education & Training and Rehabilitation services to general population and persons with Hearing Impairment and Associated Disabilities since 1977 under one umbrella with the aims of :-
1. To provide health and medical services in Rural & Urban area
2. To provide social services
3. To help in Prevention, Detection, Treatment and Intervention of Persons with Disabilities
4. To provide Rehabilitation services to Person with Disabilities
5. To provide special education services to Children with Hearing Impairment
6. Manpower Development in the field of Special Education & Rehabilitation